“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

- Maya Angelou

Transitions are always difficult, no matter when or where you go through them. Moving towns, starting a new life, returning to a life you left behind or transforming your identity. Life is full of transitions. From the day that we’re born, we begin a transformation that continues until the day we leave this earth.

It’s a constant state of flux that ebbs and flows as we transform into our true selves. Sometimes it’s a steady stream of conscious efforts to change our state and other times it can be an unconscious transformation that occurs unknowingly. We absorb our surroundings and reflect what we see around us whether or not we are aware of this dispositional metamorphosis. This osmosis between ourselves and our environment can be beneficial or destructive depending on how you react to a transition.


Here are 5 tips that I’ve found to be useful while going through big transitions in life. (although they're ALL easier said than done)

1. Accept your reality

The best thing you can do when undergoing a new state of being is taking time to really sit in the present and absorb what’s going on around you. Excessively ruminating on your past state of being or the things that you’ve left behind can be destructive to being fully present in your new state.



Being patient with yourself and with other’s is so important. Especially when you’re in a new environment or state of mind that is different than the one you’re coming from. It takes time to really settle down because you’ve built up so many habits and practices that are now molding into your new state of being. As Oprah says at the beginning of every Super Soul Conversation Podcast is, “The most valuable thing you can give yourself is time, to be more fully present”.



It’s often easier said than done, but believing in your skills and abilities are key. Whenever the inner dialogue starts to surface you must treat it like a fly or mosquito. Notice that it’s there, acknowledge that you see it and then do something to ensure that it stays at a distance from you.

Source: 3 Ways ways to deal with change.