10 Facts about me.

1. My mom gets annoyed when I copy her British accent. I do it anyway. 

2.Nutella is my spirit animal.  

3. If I could swim in complementary colors. I would. 

4.  I dream about meeting Beyonce at least one time per year. 

5. I was a very adorable baby. Not sure what happened.  

6. My arms are so long. I'm often used by others as a selfie stick. 

7. I once painted a canvas all black and then gave it a bath to create an edgy texture. Yeah, a bit weird. 

8. My left eye is slightly smaller than my right, so it looks like i'm permanently winking. Rawr.  

9. I get a thrill from listening to The BBC World news intro theme song and pretending i'm a broadcaster. 

10. If I had a super power it would be to sing.